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An award-winning team of designers and builders that are dedicated to deliver clean, livable style and quality.

Pre-Construction Planning

· The Design Process- Evergreen Building Group will work closely with the Owner and the architect to design a custom home based on the Owners ultimate home vision. The selected architect and the Owner will design basic elements of the home (a floor plan, elevations of the home, a site plan, and roof plan). Evergreen Building Group will work with the architect and designers to implement cost savings to the project without affecting the function and appearance of the home.

· The Proposal - Once Evergreen Building Group has received the Preliminary Floor Design for the project EBG will submit the initial proposal to the Owner. This proposal will include the estimated cost of construction to include labor, materials, and allowances for selections the Owner will make during the building process.

· The Agreement- Evergreen Building Group will need to have the Owner approve and execute EBG Standard Construction Management Agreement. The Builder’s agreement will outline the services to be delivered by Evergreen Building Group, the responsibilities of the Owner, the cost of construction and allowances for selections, and the timing of the Owner’s payments.

· Preconstruction Meeting- This is a comprehensive review of your final plans and specifications as well as the building process itself. Once the working plans are complete Evergreen Building Group will apply to the appropriate municipalities for a building permit.

Start of Construction – what can you expect to see?

· Excavation-The site is excavated and prepared for the start of construction.

· Footing- Footers (the foundation's foundation) is poured and inspected.

· Foundation- the load-bearing wall of masonry or concrete create the foundation walls.

· Framing-The floors, walls and roof framing form the bones of the house.

· Mechanicals- The heating and cooling system, plumbing lines, and electrical systems are installed.

· Insulation-Insulation is installed in the walls and attic.

· Drywall-interior walls and ceilings are finished with drywall then sanded, primed, and painted with the base coat.

· Trim-Interior doors, cabinets and moldings are installed. Counter tops are measured and scheduled. Ceramic flooring is installed.

· Final Trades- Lights and appliances are delivered and installed. Heating, plumbing, and electrical finish work is completed.

· Flooring-Carpet and hardwood flooring is installed.

· Third Party Inspections- A thorough appraisal of your home is conducted this ensures that your home is complete and ready to settle. Final trade inspections and final building inspection are completed.

· Final walk through- When your home is complete you return for a final review which includes an orientation of you homes features and systems.